Term Life Insurance

Generally term insurance is a fantastic product to cover a temporary need (ie, mortgage, dependent liability, etc..) or to cover a permanent need on a temporary basis. One of the guiding factors when deciding which type of insurance coverage is right for you is your budget and how much of your discretionary income you are willing to allocate towards your risk management plan.

For those who recognize that they do have a permanent insurance need but don’t have the cash flow at this particular stage in their life to afford that coverage, then term insurance is a great option. Most term insurance is guaranteed renewable and guaranteed convertible. What this means is that you can always renew your coverage without medical underwriting as well as convert your term policy into a permanent plan. So buy term today in order to work withing your budget and have a focus on converting some or a portion of that coverage into a permanent plan at some point in the future when your budget allows for it.

Using an independent broker allows you to effectively search the offerings of the entire insurance marketplace prior to committing to any specific insurance company. This gives you great confidence in knowing that you have bought the best possible coverage for you and your loved ones at the best possible price. Just another way to get your money working for you.

Insurance products and services are offered through JSB Financial Services Inc.

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