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Readers Choice 2010 Platinum Award

We are proud and honored to once again be voted the Readers Choice for the Investment Company category. We love our community and would like to thank everyone who voted for us and the staff at the Flamborough Review who all do such a phenomenal job. …[Read more...]




Social media – Join The Conversation

“Social media” is all the buzz, with more and more individuals and companies embracing it as a way to communicate. But what exactly is it? Although social media tends to reach a wide audience, it’s not “mass media.” With mass media – for example, television, radio and newspapers – there are few opportunities for social interaction. A television show may let you vote for your favourite singer, a radio program may have a call-in show and a newspaper may have personal classifieds, but on the whole it’s hard to jump in and have your say. Social media, on the other hand, is all about social interaction. Using social media software and the … [Read more...]


How To Build A Tax-Exempt Legacy

Insurance and investing wrapped up in one simple package Mike and Sheila are ecstatic. At 55, they’re the proud grandparents of Emma – their first grandchild. They’re already planning the sleepovers and the trip to Disney. But Emma has got them thinking about something else… Mike, a dermatologist, and Sheila, vice president of a public relations firm, earn very good incomes – and they pay a healthy amount of income tax too. Over the years they’ve worked with their advisor, Russ, to invest strategically. Careful money management has put them in a fortunate position and they have extra funds they want to use to build an inheritance for Emma … [Read more...]


Want to be Debt-Free?

Simple steps to get your plan on track When we think of financial goals, we often think in terms of how much we want to earn or how much we need to save for retirement. A financial goal that gets less attention, but that most of us share, is to be debt-free. In fact, a recent Manulife Bank survey of 1,000 homeowners1 found that 84 per cent of them considered being debt-free to be a high financial priority (rating it 7, 8, 9 or 10 out of 10). One in three of them considered it to be their top financial priority. With “being debt-free” pretty high up on most “to do” lists, you might think we’d be doing well, right? Unfortunately, the same … [Read more...]


Advice that is CLEAR

Connect – our clients comment on our very personable approach all the time, we want to spend time getting to know YOU, after all it’s a trusted relationship. Learn – how serious you are about financial planning, what you want and why it’s important to you. Examine – look at what you are doing currently and understand levels of risk and comfort Assess – measure how your current plan is performing in relation to the markets and what we are doing with our clients. Recommend – only then will we tell you what we think and where we might be able to improve your current plan and improve your future plan. … [Read more...]


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